Whence the Night Sky Starry will Descend

Whence the Night Sky Starry will descend
Upon us, the Sandy beach, white,
Where you and I have thought of
Spending Our Joined Life in Vacation Oft,
Will We look up seeing those Stars studded sky
That Sky which hath remained over Us,
All through, since our Birth, since every time lapse,

We Will find then the paintings of the Seine,
The River where we have left our keys of Heart one Opened,

We Will, by songs of Sheer poesy will
Be closing up, us, wrapping us with kisses All over our burnt skin, parched, purged,
Turned blue,
by The Love of Your Limitless
Our heaven of Becoming A Lovely Couple True,

You will then run your fingers angelic
On my skin, my hair, my forehead,

And I with sleepy, calmed soul, in your lap,
Just get dyed, by the songs of our Love,
Starry night, Van Gogh, Don Macclean,

We will become by Holy Knot tied,

And the Night Sky will we hold
Between little gaps of ether, between us.


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