Send (me not )off*

Send me , not off,
Love, Mon amour,
Whence Thou hath come to my door
You angel , the Love Profound,
Noiseless, without noise or sound,

Send me, not off,
If Thou hath holden me,
In thy Bosom soft,
And kept me there hooked,
In thy breast, forever so booked,

Send me, not off,
If Thou hath kissed me soft,
Painted like that scene,
At the railway station,as Thou bring,

Not to the wars, send me, you,
Angel, white, my morning's dew,
Kiss me not to bid adieu,
O la amore, my Soul, my Beau,

Don't want to die, love, young,
Butchered by bullets, just for a song!

Instead, come, Angel, sweet , morning's mist,
Kiss me, right there, kiss on my cheeks,

And wave me, to return to Thou,
With billet doux more, Mon dio, for You.

(*Note: upon a painting, done with a lot of pains of sweet love, deep, by Furst Jozsef, courtesy : Alex Artista, Musica Pittura e Dintorni.

"Send off " , is an antiwar poem , written long ago by Wilfred Owen, a soldier poet, who along with few other soldier-poets, started 'Antiwar poetry', describing in poetic fervour, the vagaries of Wars and Battles. The title is used , adapted, modified, to carry the anti-war feel, with a bit of dash of Love.
This poem should also be considered as a tribute to Owen.)


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