Ode to Mother,*

O Thou Mother,
You have kept us green,
How, beautifully, since
Our origin, from mere cells,
In waters Thine, floating,
Amoebic, little lives,
Nourished from you,
And the shine, those dews,
Of That Holy Light, Zeus,

And whence once,
One June or July or August,
Monsoon upon us,
We go on a tour,
Wanderer we, the souls,
How we got the chance,
To be merged in your beauty,
Green as it appeared, Your Piety,

Lotus pond, filled with aroma,
Of Love and wonders,
How I tried to capture
Thy love , thy eternal vast,
Shaded by Trees, our wanderlust,
How turned photographic,
How we to thy refuge, we the meek,

So many years after,
Praising Beauty Thine,
Your Day, Earthly, Divine,
How again i go back,
To see, Thou, upon a revisit, not Offtrack,
Your Perpetuity, our reclusive meet,
How, again go walking down memory street,
How again i go loving you, Mother,
Seeing you, clicking pictures, preserving,
All that us to your soft Bosom happily bring.

(*Note : the photograph attached was done by me, many years ago, upon visiting The Botanical Gardens.
Today, April twenty second, is "The Earth Day")


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