If music be the Food of Our Love, *

If Music be The Food of Our Love,
Play on , la amore, play on the piano,
Your fingers soft, just slip on the reeds ,
And play till thy Music plant in me seeds
Of our births, our Love so passionate,
Play on Mon amour, play forever, as Fate
Plays upon us to make us out, play Mon dio,
Run thy fingers on the reeds, play assured,

Soon the rains of our Love wilt cause a bloom
Soon thy music wilt fill my Heart's small room,

Soon the streets and roads will be in Joys erupting
Soon we will embrace a tranquil blessed setting,

Play on, love mine, your fingers so lucid on reeds,
Play, love pure, till with Thy music me meet,

Play on, Love mine, whence it has drizzled so oft,
Play on, la amore, your piano to hold me aloft,

Play on, tuneful, mesmerised if be come motionless,
Play on, la amore, taking me to thy Golden gate,
Where roses bloom forever, eternal, perpetual,
Play on Mon amore, forever, prithee, till the waters swell,

Play on,
Love on the reeds, slipping by,
Play on,
Love mine, taking us to Eterni~tie.

(*Note: the painting attached is Gifted to me by a bud mine. 

#ifmusicbethefoodofLoveplayon: title is adaptation of a popular line from a William Shakespeare Play.)


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