Sending A letter of Love, To You*

Sending A letter of Love, to You*

Now that the day's works had eclipsed
And at Dusk sweet we have arrived,
Like all those dusks
We made love at terrace,
Unseen by any body,
But by only us,

Now that the dipping sun
Has come to bathing,
To the waters cool,

And golden chips
As I can clearly see
Upon your cheeks,
Tempestuous neckline,
So sensuous,
Coloring me,
By orangy red,

And as you have gone out ,
Your daily errands,
And as I would go out too,
To a Place,

To meet our children
Left uncared,
On the streets,

Feeding as they needed utmost,

Thought of sending a post,
To Thou,
Mon amore,

Kept things ready
For our bed,

Rosy petals there I have spread,

A bottle of wine red
You will also find,
Right on the glass table,

And that bouquet red
That with ribbon pink tied,

That too, for Thou,

You would get the fragrance right

Whence I will be
There at Night,

Your knight. ~frances


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