Bejeweled *

A drive down the Road,
Whence You took Charles,
What had made Thou
To get over,
Thou hath been the most Obscene-
France had Decreed and Declared,

Thou Art the Most Evil,
As evil a Lover of flesh could possibly be,

O You, Baudelaire!

Who could have written,
Dared, daring
Like You(?)

O You Baudelaire!

("... and the lamp resigned to its death
left only the fireplace to light the room
where now and then a flame’s fluttering breath
would fill her amber skin with blood";)

O You Art
Hath been a conflagration,
Submerging France,
A Whole Nation!

O You Baudelaire!
Thou art a call given to a Flood.

(*Note: the painting attached is Taken by me, from an archive, done by Franz Von Stuck, 

#bejeweled: based upon a poem by Charles Baudelaire; the particular poem was banned in France at one point of time.

Courtesy: picture: Don Yorty's Blog.)


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