Songs and lyrics, *

Once climbing up
The chamber, upper,
Took to this,
Cabin of us, bliss,
Photos of Musicians and their lyrics,
How hung leading all the way
From the ground floor
To the upper storey,

There we sat, close, knit,
Neat were ours papers white,
You sang a song
And I wrote another, lyric,

Once climbing up,
The stairs, with photos of Music
All the way, from the ground floor
To that cabin, upper storey,

We gathered our songs,
We met us, proper, for which
We both so poetically longed,

Heard so many songs,
You breaking out, singing
S.D. and His Son,
I thinking of Che, Marx and Copernicus,
Galileo too,
Tagore and Einstein, came like New,

O that refuge of us,
Where we thought of first
Blooming our souls like flowers.

(*Note: the photograph attached was taken by me, once as I and some of my friends and family went to a place, wonderous, getting together, as it was)


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