By the 'scented Beach', finding Isabel, *

Whence holidaying by the 'scented beach'
Taking a recluse, for us, getting more into our cove,
you i find isabel mine,
Smiling, dancing, giggling ,
Lavender on thy shoulders,
Whitish pink, intoxicating,
How oft i think, Frances yours,
Will we be, forever thus(?)
Will, we be, this way our leisure pass,

But then, I look at You,
You standing by the shore,
Where waves of waters, come and go,
Hitting sands, rocks some, and kissing feet Thine,
Making You my light, lightened Heart,
Living by Bless and bliss, so entwined,
with you, my love, my Truth, my peace, my eyes,

Had i been , then, forever yours?
Had you been, then, forever mine?

I ask those foams, the surf,
As they gather so near your feet,
And You to that direction,
Where the Sun, is waking ,looking, with ease,

I just look forgetting me,
Thinking "la radice", our origin,
Our Quest, Our Search never ending,

I, then, replicate , a character, fictional,
Which i with much care and grit,
On paper, had writ, burning me, twice,
You, preserving thrice,

O how many happy hours, have i
Spent, eyes getting blurred, by tears,
For Thou, my maid,

Now , that , a friend mine,
Also has found us,
Our Love story,
(Is it touching US?)
And painted LOVE,
By the sea,

How Canst one not sing,
Again, that story, which only for You,
I with much pains once for our beautiful world , did bring.

(*Note: upon a painting, done with much Love, by Richard Johnson, courtesy: Alex Artista, Musica Pittura e Dintorni.

The phrase " scented Beach" was used by Robert Browning in his poem "Meeting at Night", which was a companion poem to "Parting in the morning". Both the poems, were written with  Elizabeth Barrett Browning, being kept in mind, by Robert Browning, as it is found in papers /research works done on Browning Couple and their works.)


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