When i was younger*

When I was younger, *

When i was younger
So much younger than today,
I had a dream, a dream to sail away,
To the far, to the wide, to the long
Road , where mails can't be delivered all alone,

Now that i am right here in front of You,
Now that you are singing for me and you,
How I wish to have a winged flight
To reach you there where your morn
Kiss the budding blossoming tree alone,
As every day after soothing nights
Come the dawn with beauteous light.

{*Note: the photo attached is one of my childhood acts , in a cultural function, as an Indian mail/postman;
also could be seen in the picture, some good old friends mine, one who acted as soldier,(Sayanta) another as a milkman, another as a Policeman(Amartya ) etc;

#wheniwasyounger: the title is taken from a very popular Song by The Beatles,}


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