Ode to Egeria,

O Nymph of Water,
And fountain of Spring,
How Thou with my soul doth create
Writes written on pages of my mind,
White and glowing by light which thou doth permeate,

I find Thou in every moment of my life,
In my veins, blood, how beautifully embedded,
Why art thou so green, so stone faced,
Why Canst Thou come to me, thy son,
And with feathers of Thy hands,
Why not Thou touch my all,
My books, my ink pot, my wooden piece
Of useless bits of furniture, why not Thou tease
And take them away with You, the Lotus Divine,
Why not You come to my house
And open me further by thy Holy stare,
Why not Thou turn me Your Child, left for Your Care?

Am i still unworthy, nothing, a vagrant, wanderer page,
Am i still not Your Devotee true,
Now that You find me standing at the ledge,
Only seeing You, Your vast spread across nights and days?


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