Prayer to Mother*

If Thou hath provideth us all
With waters , air, fire and ice,
If Thou hath been the Origin of all lives,
Mother like, if Thou hath taken all the cares,
Of us, me and my members of family,

Sometimes, looking at You,
So revolving and rotating true,
Around the Sun, gaseous, Supreme,
So beautifully balanced , harmonious,
Taking a path Thine elliptical

How i just a mortal, try to find
Where we had faltered, where we did shine,

Ravages Thou hath faced many,
They only made You , perhaps Gloomy,
Thy Air, we the fools, how have made smoky,
Thy soil, how we have made filled with radioactive things,
Lead, cadmium, uranium, chemicals unhygienic,
How thy waters we treated with disregard,

O mother, how we, the cowards, only dug graves for us,

As i, like a child, oft, prayed for Health true,
As , like a believer, in Wordsworth, made poesy for you, mother,

Make us believe,
We, the cowards,
We, the meek,

We can restore every hurts,
To a come around,
No wounds upon You,
We would leave not healed,

O, GODDESS Artemis,
If Thou reflect symbolically,
Our greens, streams, rivers,
Oceans, deserts, icecaps,

You make a calm
To descend on us,
Children Thine,
so filled with ignorance.

(*Note: the graphical representation of one small portion of our Planet , is Taken by me , with the object to Poesy.
The Carl Jung quote holds true for all, nonetheless)


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