By the garden, seeing You, waiting*

Seeing You waiting,
By the garden
Of our love,
Where we have grown saplings,
From seeds, seeded we,
Is such sense of joy,

But then,
In Your posture of sitting,
Head slightly bent,
Dropped, held ,
On your upper arm, left,

Thought You art sad,

But sad can't we never be,
For we have promised to us,
To go all the way,
From earth to Mars,
And Jupiter too,

Being so much turned
Love birds, into,

Seeing Thou,
GODDESS of my Heart,
Painted by our Joined state,
Of being two, rolled into One,

(Much like that once John Donne Sang
Singing an Aubade, )

I think of You,
And the garden
That we have grown within,
By seeded Love, so embedded.

(*Note: upon a painting done conjoined , by Michael and Inessa Garmash, courtesy : Alex Artista, Musica Pittura e Dintorni)


  1. lovely... deep and emotional. Powerful! I enjoyed!


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