Ode to Mother nature*

Ode to Mother Nature*

The misty fog whence upon thee,
Mon dio, Earthly mine,
Dropped like a veil , translucent sense
Whence pervaded my self, my essence
Of a being, little child Thine,
How i, transfixed as if, (by thy dark and deep ,
Forest smelling flowers, pollens, incense bearing trees,
rhododendrons, pines, mahogany, deodars,
Wild berries, olives, myrtles, maples,
Honey combs hanging , filled with the buzz of bees, )
Stand quiet, dumbed full,
Thinking how Thou hath always
Spread your lap, wide,
For me to sleep there, your child,

And then, surely,
Then, how I can feel
What poesy wrought you have kept
In your Womb , in thy reclusive serene,
In thy dewy misty youthful green
In thy primordial nature, origin
Of all beasts and insects
How Thou hath so Happily kept,

O how, seeing Profundity Thine,
Thy Beauty never ending
Keeps me away from din
And bustles unnecessary,

How, by Thy Sheer magnanimity
You keep my feet ,for Thy Beauty of Bliss,
Forever sleepy, in trance,  unhurried. (*Note: the photo attached is actually taken by me,)


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