Thursday, April 28, 2016

The story of love as usual kind*

Our Love story was like the usual
Unusual kind,
(Can't recall now, who did make the proposal first, it could be Me,
Or it could be She,)

Like those we oft in reels do find,
A man risking all , guided by Fortitude
A babe finding him to be the one, who stood
Against all the things that came their way,
(Can't recall who made the move first,
Was it i, or she,
Can't recall now, but one there moved first, Definitely!)

And then times they had all to run away
By passion of rhymes and roses and songs,
By LOVE , drenched full, they ran along,

Through Meadows, hills, plains, sands,
They ran, along, they just ran,
(Who ran the fastest, not me for that to find,
In love , so deep, we two as keep,
Joined, probably the soft in me
And the hard in her,
Both ran really Together)
Like they were like two joined feathers
Afloat in the cool breeze of the evening
Of a beauteous Spring filled Summer.

(*Note: the picture attached is a photooped representation of two lines taken from a book, grammarly, owned by me.)

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