Ode to the 'land we love'*

The land we love is
What we sing, Mother mine,
The land by thy river,
Where growst trees tall,
And bushes , myrtles, tender,
That land fertile, mother, by thy bless,
Is what we live for, we try to trace,
In every works, we do,
Mother, to that land we pay,
Our obeiscence, our truest selves,

where flows thy waters, eternal, from mountain tops,
Running, flowing, murmuring, without cease,without stop,
For  that land we toil the hardest,
Mother, all by thy bless.

(*Note: upon a painting based, titled "Land we love" done with subtle colorplay, by Alan Fetterman, courtesy: Keith Linwood Stover, Iulia Gherghei, )


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