Ode to The Bird, Uncaged, *

O Thou, love mine,
How i sometimes cry
Seeing thy uncaged state,
Letting Open, once how,
(I by mistake, or not , may be)
Set Thou free, so Thou
Go flying to the Sky,
Touching those beauteous cloudlets,
Which roam as free as Thou,
Cottony feathery floating dreams,

O how, once set Thou free,
The bird of my heart, sweet,
(I by mistake did, not sure, it might not be)

O how setting you against the sky,
I set Thou free,
And see,
How i have kept still the cage open,
For Thee to return,
(Like that September's song)

O how, love, mine,
How for Thou i long.

(*Note: the photograph attached is Really, Actually, matter-of-fact-ly, done by me, many years ago. This particular piece of photograph was actually part of the "Click Photography Exhibition" which was held at The Calcutta Information Centre. )


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