Ode to a glowing ball

Many years since today,
Found a ball, glowing kind,
It was a gift,
From a childhood bud,
Who was tall and lanky,
That point of time,
That bud was in the states
Of Affairs , caught up with works,
But as he gave me that ball,
I clicked it,
So that i never forget ever that ball
And the gift,
A Glowing Ball,

Now that i look at that
How I find U n me,
There in the photo
So clicked
By me,

Many many years ago,
And to that friendship,
See, on such a Holiday,
Earthy, how i bow. (*Note: the pic attached is Really a Glowing Ball , which was Given to me, by a friend mine, my childhood buddy,
Some memories just Stay, they just linger. The ball can glow once it hits any hard surface. One just clicked the photo after putting the ball on the floor, keeping it still, as the colors emerged)


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