If You Are Goliath*

If You art Goliath*

If You, Pride,
Mine, be so Ruthless,
i, little child Thine,
Italian ,
(il suo Caravaggino kind)
Would stop and gaze,
Before paintings,
Which will take
Me to the sense
Of utmost wonder, Dense,

O how i see, in Your Vast
Oil on Canvas Spread
Little David,
Holding Goliath's Head,

The sword, how the child David,
Keeps down , low,

Out of hate,


But out of Sheer Love,

For Goliath
Hath created
Little Caravaggio
And how Thou,
The artist immortal,
Hath Thou gone,
To the space,

Leaving us with
Your Words, Unsaid,

Through painted scape thine,

How the little David,
i find, rising like A Son,

And his sword,
Kept forever Down,

Having the inscription,
Only in Your paintings,
Can be
Found, 'Humilitas Occidit Superbiam'

(*Note: the painting attached was done with a lot of pains and patience by Italian Painter Caravaggio. The painting Depicts the fight between the Good and the Evil, as symbolized by David and Goliath respectively. Caravaggio had been a follower of Giorgione, another immortal Painter.

#HumilitasOcciditSuperbiam : meaning in Italian 'Humility Kills Pride'

The epic battle between the Good and the Evil can be found everywhere, in every country, in every time, in every possible spaces Small.
In our literature and myths and legends we also find that fight.
In our Mahabharata and Ramayana , this is there. David and Goliath will forever fight and forever David will, by The Will of The Supreme, will Win, which Is,Needless, to say.)


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