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In the middle of ...

Golden mean?

Middle age?

Midsummer Night's Dream

Have you ever witnessed
The strange fusion of childish whims
And superannuated lethargy?
Quietness dotted by flood of foolish blood?
Aging with agelessness?
Rhymes with reasons?

Have you ever
Woken up with a young heart and fading brain?
Have you?
Caught in the middle?
Of a Riddle?

Have you?
Haven't you?

From Park Circus to Red Road

He comes every afternoon
To Red Road ,
Smooth macadam...

He comes wearing a pair
Of knee length pants
Holed and patched and holed
In many places...

The smooth macadam
Shines like the baked cake
Straight out of oven
Unlike the potholed alley
That led to a dingy five square;

Don't they belong to the same?
Smooth macadam and the potholes?
Holes and the patches?