Green slopes, valleys and those hills*

All these green slopes,
Tea gardens, smelling like liqueur,
And the valley , soft, steppe,
Hills in bluish silver snow so draped,
I think i know them, feeing them
For some decades, perhaps , few centuries,

And those trees, planted with the purpose
To give shade and shelter to men, tea-labourers and also to those saplings,

I think I have felt them in my heart,
Beauty of Mother Nature, so Vast,
So rejuvenating, invigorating you
And also me, my poetry, my proses too,

All in our works, like our honey dew,
Which we drink, sip, from each other's lips.

(*Note: the photo attached is Taken by me, from the collection of photographic archive of a friend , elder brother mine, Shri.Mrinmoy Pratihar, with whom i spent quite a few years, at R.K.M.R.C., Narendrapur, Kolkata.)


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