Standing on the rocks by the waters*

Standing on the boulders, rocks,
By the sea, as Thou i see,
Slowly going to meet, the horizon where
Hath drawn the thin red line, reddened blue, orangy,  a panoramic end, in the air,
How i remain struck, wonderous thy shape,
The shooting star, spraying thy limitless energy,
Thy light , thy halo, drenching the waters, and also me, standing on the rocks, motionless,
Feeling every bit of Thy golden scatter, thy burning gaseous state of Matter,
Thy non matter too, purely a Wave, through ether, harmonious, coming to me,.making me porous, seeing through,
Inside out, out side in, in thy stillness, never tiring,

I kneel before thy halogenic round,
Eyes how can i keep open, thy Light, like glowing ,
A ball like from which we all get blessed,

So i keep eyes closed, kneel before Thee,
As Thou keep coming back to the horizon,
The thin red line, the apparent limit, of the limitless sea, slowly dropping, inch by inch,
Dipping down, with laze enough, to put me into Your furnace, with succulent ease,

As if Thou know it True, none can Challenge Thee, thy Beauty Eternal,
As I kneel, amazed, seeing Thou, thy Fire,
As I keep my head down, emblazed.

(*Note: the picture/photograph attached is Taken by me, out of which poesy e~merged)


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