Ode To Innocence *

Ode to Innocence*

How Innocence wrapped
Thy canvas before me arrives,
Am I dreaming(?)
Am I awake (?)
Why so to Thou
To thy Beauty
me You take(?)
Or is it so
Simon found You
And i, like a pencil
Writing scribbles just
For moments, momentary,
Before His Godly paints
Take a kneeling,
Not knowing , ignorant me,

How Thou hath Blessed
Vouet, with Thy Love of Innocence, Purity,
For ages since the birth of creatures,
Even before humans,
For Eternity,

As held so beautiful,
In two dimensional space,
A Canvas , oil on paints.

{* Note: the painting attached was done by Simon Vouet(1590-1649);

Vincent Sellaer(about 1500- Mechelen before 1589), did a stellar work, somewhat similar, oil on panel, titled 'The Holy Kinship'}


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