As if edelweiss*

morning whence comes to my home,
Which is yours too,
Whence with hope we wake up from sleep
Which you do too,

I oft think of what song wilt thou bring,
For me, in the morning,

(What a fool am i,
To think of me ,my songs,)

But then, you being , what you are,
Love, You don't keep me on wait,
For at my garden gate,
how i find you,

As if to me greet,
Like edelweiss
Blooming, for me,
(And our sons and daughters,
Our sisters and brothers,)
Our family,

How i find you,
Now and then,
Time and again,

(Right there
At my garden gate,)

My dame,
My angel.

(*Note: the painting attached, upon which the poem/scribbling is loosely based,  was done by V.Volegov.)


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