Thursday, April 28, 2016

Once more , plead i*

Once more, la amore,
At our garden,
As i find You,
Diva, angel of my eyes,
Once more, hereby
Plead i, come, la amore,
Once more, to my heart,
Where by thy awesome halo,
Have i dived deep, beyond what even
I once did seek, once more,
Love mine, stand Thou,
At that glass jar,
Where our Love has bloomed
In pinkish white rosy flowers,
Where i have left, eve,
For Thou, apple one,
Once more, come Mon dio,
Me You entwine,
By your limbs,
Your arms which leave,
Beauteous glossy aura,
Come, love mine,
Be with me, having to please
None, but only US,
Haven't we in sufferings passed
All our days, and all our nights
Have not we, made illusive,
Come , maid mine,
Don't be elusive,

For Thou, Canst you see,
La amore, set I,
That table,
Where my Self,
have I , left for eyes,
Come, Rose,
Don't be elusive,
Like a morn
Come to my
Dreams, to my sleep.

(*Note: upon a painting, loosely based, done by V.Volegov.The painting is received as A Gift from a friend mine.)

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