Ode to Venus*

Seeing Thou lying on silken Bed,
With grapes and apples, by thy side, 
Just beside, thy pillow, never to Weep,
Foolish mortals like we, no conviction, 
No purpose, either, just small figs,

Is such a horrendous Act, Blasphemy doth Thou create, O You, The Holy Maid,

Thy fidel,  lap dog,  near Thou, lying too,
Bowing, before Thou,

And Thy hand curled into the Space,
The Womb, of the Universe, Sheer Poesy in Art where go full throttle, Burst and busted too,
By Thy Holy Shocking Disdainful Act,

O Titian, You art such an Artist True,
Making the Whole Of The World Coming To You,

By Thy ordeals, by Thy Tasks, By Thy Boldest Shape,
Figures of Visual Pleasure, Challenging All Nakedness,

So similar You and Francisco Created Truth,
So synced You Two Holy Art forms maketh me brood,

And here, i, like a child , knowing nothing,
Filled with foolish silly thoughts, thinking Obscene,
Dump Thou,

O Olympia! 
No man mortal can stand Before You,
No woman mortal can Challenge Your Holiness,

With Thy Universal Womb, Thou whence,
Put the World into horrific sensual pains.

{*Note: this is based on a painting , oil on canvas, Blasphemous kind, done by Titian, (Tiziano Vacelli)titled: "Venus of Urbino" , showcased in 1583, though actually completed in 1538, much earlier than E.Manet created Olympia , which was completed in 1863, and showcased in Paris Salon, two years later,in 1865, as per available information}


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