Ode to Zeus*

If Thou be the carrier of Knowledge,
Of the Goddess, Saraswati,
If Thou be Lord the Omnipotent,
Zeus True,
Take me to that Paradise
Where, Swan like Thou Art stay,
In different forms,
On the lap of the Diva of Thy Love,
Thy Partner Divine,
From whom Thou
Hath seeded birth
Of Both Helen and Clytemnestra,
And Polydeuces and Castor too,
As found, discovered , revealed
By several immortal greats
In their works so prolific,
Which even after few hundred years stick,

Correggio , how hath founded Thee,
Truth of Thy Divinity,
And Peter Paul too,
Leonardo also,

How they all tried to find Thou
O The Lord,
Swan like,
Flying in thy Paradiso,
Covered by Trees,
By music Thine
In Art so freezed,
Undying, eternalised,

Never ever to be
Knowledge of Thy Supreme
Thy flying free,
Thy sitting down, flapping wings,
Thy act of caressing Leda,
Only to make Her Rise,

O how You, Zeus,
Can turn a Swan So,
To make no arrow
To shoot down, hurt,
But to make all to glow,
Not to shock any,
By Your shapes fluid many,
But to make believe
That wonderous Bless
Which can only make all
Love and light of knowledge trace. (*Note: loosely based on Correggio work titled "Leda and The Swan"; #HelennPolydeuces : Offsprings of Zeus
#ClytemnestranCastor : offsprings of Tyndareus(The King of Sparta)
#Saraswati : The GODDESS of Art, Knowledge and Wisdom in Hindu Myth/Legend
#Swan: the carrier of Knowledge and Wisdom and Art, a pet of Devi Saraswati, according to Hindu Myth/Legend)


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