At Home*

Being in thy lap
Of wonderous calm,
Mother, is such a bless,
That i go on and on
Finding Thou everywhere,
In every moves i make,
You, to Thy Home,
How sanctified doth take,

I wonder, where is the end
Of this journey of finding You

(Like a child, how in you, me loses the cue,)

Then , as if Thou knowing me altogether,
Before me, my blinded eyes, You gather
Your Holy State, You holding The Child,
As if after the Holy Bath, wiping Babe's hair,
And fruits , grapes, apples, peach,
There how, Jan , by eyes and hands,
For You Two doth keep,

i look at your works,

How beautiful must You have been
To bring Home, the Mother and The Child Unseen,

How masterly might You have been
Gossaert, that You to home, The Mother and The Babe did bring.

{* Note : based on a painting by Jan M. Gossaert, (about 1530-about 1560), painted in all probability in Southern Netherlands, in 1530s, titled "Virgin and The Child".
The tradition of depicting the Mother in an interior looking out onto a landscape was strong in Netherlands, in the fifteenth century)


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