Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Roman holidaying*

A Roman holidaying, *

Come love,
Let's go out
For a Roman holidaying,


A Roman holidaying?

Yea, why not?

We have been there ,
Haven't we?


The Greek and Roman gods,
Socrates talked about,

Are you Socrates?

I am ,

And You Are,

And we two
Make it,

Every day,
Don't we!

Yes, that we do,


Then what?

We create,
We talk Venus,
Artemis, Diana,
We talk Zeus,
Helen, Clytemnestra,
Don't we?


So we are already in Rome,


Come love,
Let's do
Roman holidaying. 

{*Note : the painting attached was gifted to me by a friend,
This particular scribbling is akin to what many years ago, a Bengali poet did, in his most acclaimed work, Titled "Kothopokothon" ( The Conversation). The name of that poet is Shri.Purnendu Patri. I have earlier written quite a few on Purnendu Patri and his works, which amuse me. Translated some of his poems also.
This scribble should also be taken as a humble tribute to that great poet and artist.
Incidentally most of our epics and Epical writings, started with mere conversation.
Symposium of Socrates evolved through that.
Our Ramayana and Mahabharata, started with that. Our folk songs evovled out of conversations, kawali geets (songs) also Borne out of conversations.
This poem/scribble carries that conversational tone.
Incidentally, "Roman Holiday" is also one of my favourite romantic flicks. So it can be taken as a humble tribute to that classic as well.}

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