Through the waters undulating with vegetation at the bottom *

How i wish to be, at least if not two,
One of the duo, sisters art they were,
Suzanne, i could've easily be come,
And with Blanche, (if I turned femme fatale, )
And rowed through , The River Epte,
It could have been, such an impossible wish,
To be so grandiose, to be fully filled,

Rowing through waters, as a boatman,
Tell me, love, haven't i that all through done,
Knowing Thou, the Ever lasting form of Art,
Missing no thing, Your eyes,
O Claude, where from Thou got those paints and dyes,

Which immortal grace came unto thee
How come Thou hath found vegetation so grassy
In the River so,

Is it be cause Thou loved to row,
All through waters, choppy or still,
How You, the Eternal rivers ,in your skin doth feel,

Alice, must have been very kind,
To Thou, Claude, that you rowed through tides,

And i, the child, how only ride,
Through streets, roads, hurricanes, storms,
Gales, how i embrace , only for a long,

Got no la barque rose too,
Got no such acumen to View
You , Claude , You the bright,
How You light Alice bright,

How you make me young too,
Such a Gift, how comes to me, from You.

(*Note: on Claude Monet's work titled "Boating on River Epte", also known as " Canoe on Epte".
The two women who acted as models for Monet were Suzanne and Blanche Hoschede. The painting can be found at Sao Paulo Museum of Art.
#labarquerose : private collection.
#waterwithvegetationatthebottom : is actually a comment made on the painting.
#RiverEpte : a River with vegetation at the bottom
#Alice : Monet's wife.)


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