Ode to Thou, who is carried by Swan

If Thou art that Goddess of myth
Who hath been carried by the Swan
Thou wilt I forever just keep
In my heart, like the birth of a dawn, For in thee I find all my mirth
In thee , I get through words , my birth,
Every moment , every single day of a year
In thee I music find soft and clear,
They tell me to allude thee to my writes
They tell me to find in thee my delight,
And I go on writing to thy praise,
Months, years and unforgettable days, Thou hath given me wonders to grasp
Thou hath given me to fill time's lapse,
Lotus in hand whence thou I see
I find the most beautiful me,
For verses then come spontaneous
Finding thee oft brings me to tears,
Happy and the most blessed kind,
How for thee I write lines after lines, And that just keeps on going forever
As I row through life's sacred river.

An afternoon saga

'  how do they feel whence thy hands thou lay?'
She asked me one afternoon , seizing the day
As it was slowly gliding down her nape, her breasts,
There the slanted light was taking a sleepy rest,
As rest on the meadows green flowers taking sun beams,
Taking dew too as they make a descend slow
Her hair found I how on her shoulders did flow
Cascading , rippling thing, brown and tantalising,
Somewhere there  had been an absorbing  scene
Of a green valley decked by seasonal flowers wild
Somewhere there the heavenly painter drew like a child
With curious strokes of brush , meadows quite lush
And I seeing all that was just about to gush
Forth all that was coming to my throat,
Songs of communion, songs of boat,
And other things, like a portion of the Holy Book
Bible was all in my hands I took,And she poured wine red red in the glass
Seizing the day , I thought time's chariot shouldn't pass
Such an afternoon of winter, young and green
Such wonderous painted calming a scene.

Whence thou to my ears whispered

Whence thou to my ears whispered
Thy love which thou hath carried from far
Flying over countries, rivers glistening in light
How thou hath given me thy beauty bright
And I listening to that music sweet
Like a sky of night spread wide starlit
Cover thee with my Love magnanimous
And to thee I just with happiness ask
' Is that what thou dreamt for all thy days
Is that how thee spread thy songs and lays?'
Thou just lean thy head on me quiet
Thy hair catches the meteors' light
And they deck thee with their spent up glow
Blue and white how they in turn sow
More of beauty , as carried by thee
For centuries in the sky's sea.

Going to thee

Whence the dew is busy dropping sleep
I go to thee where my dreams I keep
And like the day which wakes up sweet
Tracing the blessed night's happy feet
I find myself joyous to the core
Eos like whence thy Love thee pour,
All over me from the painted sky
Bracing thy softness how go on I
Eulogising thee more with all my heart
Where words arrive with flowery birth,
And I just get filled with thy wonder true
As the morn brings that golden hue,Whence the dew is busy dropping sleep
I go to thee where my dreams I keep.

If there are those angels there

If there are those angels there
Who weave dreams in heavenly lair
I would just tell them about thee
So that could they help me write a story
Of finding thou in a garden flowery
Set sprawling and wide on a valley
In a dress white flowing in the breeze
Holding the reins of the day's lease,If there are angels there
Who know how to create music fair
I would just them tell to sing for thee
So that in lyrical rise thou meet me,
In words arranged one by one in a string
As pearls oft give to necklaces meanings
And them would I then keep at thy feet
As offerings of music of my heart beats.

That light on thy face

That light on thy face
Filtered through curtains
Drew  heavenly hues
Love as gathered like
Nascent wintry dews, I looked at thee, thy eyes
They held waters of the sky
Happy and blessed
As thou me caressed,I looked at thy hands
They wore marks of lands
Where thou hath gone to plant
Saplings of hope on desert sands,Thou hath that Godly frame
Which carried once that dame
Who had travelled many miles
Who had seen both pains and smiles,Thou hath the splendour bright
Like Theia carrying the light
Over the seas, the oceans vast
Thou with Love me touched,And I looked at thee,
Thy face filled with glee,
And  thy eyes fell on me,
So filled with joy, watery,And I thought what was it
That made me to sit
By thy side one day so,
Painted by thy awesome glow,Then I looked at thy face
So lighted like a bless,
And I wrote in my mind lines
Finding thy beauty, thy sublime,It had been a moment's sojourn
From dawn to dusk and then to morn,
I travelled both time and space,
So decked by thy immortal …

The other day I dreamt of thee

The other day  I dreamt of thee
Like a rose on the lea
Bloomed quiet soft and bright
Like the way oft arrives the light
On the earth from above;The other day I dreamt of Love,
As oft the lotus bloom
Pink and white on a beautiful day,
In hands of Gods like songs that lay
In the ethereal space,The other day I bloomed by thy grace
Like an edelweiss unfurls
Snow and white its beautiful petals
Wrought by dream of thee
Blue and green like a sea, The other day I dreamt of thee.

Oft whence I turn to dreams of thee

Oft whence I turn to dreams of thee
I find myself up there in the sky
Where stars sing songs for eternitie,
And I too sing a song of Love
Like perhaps sings with peace a dove,Eve whence come down on me
Glitzy and feminine thou do I see,
As if thou hath dressed up quite
With all the glittery things of the night,
How they cover thy holy frame
How they write there with thee my name,
As write the angels on the eternal spread
As write all lovers of their songs unsaid,Oft whence I turn to dreams of thee
I get swept by breeze on the lea
And she like a winged creature me takes
Over the hills, valleys, plains and lakes,
I hover so taken by thy Love , in thy fold,
I find spring in winter blooming never old,
I find thy beauty taking over all of me
I sing songs simply out of glee,
And those songs go on without stop
For thee like a leaf on thy lap I drop.

Dionysus, thiasus and a sacrophagus *

Behold  and watch the procession
Of men, women, drunken lot
How they had come out
Whence to dreams thine
They are brought, Thou holding thyrsus
Led the way towards a fest,
And Maeneds chanting verse
With Silenus found the jest,
Had they been all out of town
Then what that thiasus for
Had they gathered for the crown
Thence why there's no splendour? Or was it thy supreme state
In which thou held the earth
Was it thy heavenly bless
That thou gave all thy mirth? They say thou art the guardian of the gate
They say thou hold pride of lions as fate,
They say if thou arrive, men turn faint
They say by thy declare, vines are sent
To mortal kinds who have nothing else to cheer
They say thou art that whom Gods even fear, I just look at sacrophagus so kept for sages,
I just find in that carved Beauty pious for ages. (* note : this is written on a marble scarophagus , picture of which is attached, with carved figures of Dionysus and Maeneds)


How have I searched for him
At Paris, in Monalisa, in waves of Rhine,
In Picasso's paints bluish fine,
In Beethoven's symphony nine,
How my mind searched for him - my love;
Sometimes have I
Found him ( out of sky)
On the snow,
Like a traveller on the go,
On road white,
Sometimes him
I do  sight, In my colored wintry pullover warm
How have I found him
In moments some,
But that love changes
Like a mirage
If I call him,
How he disappears
Leaving me in desert,
All paintings, songs and
Memories get merged then
In sun burnt sands. ( * note : it is a translation / transliteration of a bengali poem titled ' Marichika' / 'মরীচিকা ' by Jagari Mukherjee as done by me.)

So by poesy wrought

Whence thou come out of wood
Like a fairy hand in hand
How that makes Life for all good
As etched on the time's sand,
I think of going to hills
Where many times I thee sought
I think I got that feel
That thy Love kept me wrought,
I hear the roosters sing
Early morn with blessedness
I think they every morn brings
Thy everlasting kindness,
I look out and stay amazed
By the mist , dews and chill
I get into winter's haze
And thy poesy more I feel,
I write copious on page
With rhymes my soul I fill,
And that goes on for days
For months for years too
How for thee I just pray
Wrapped by thy lovely hue.

Bow down archangels*

'Bow down, archangels, in your dim abode: 
Before you were, or any hearts to beat, 
Weary and kind one lingered by His seat; 
He made the world to be a grassy road 
Before her wandering feet'*And that world must have been filled with mirth
Just the same oft I find on earth
For thou art there to give away
With ease like the breeze holds sway
On our souls filled with poetry and paints
On our minds as they leave wonderous sense,And I think more oft thee,
Had thou been there for eternity
Otherwise how is it I find the music same
Which once made a poet to write thy name
On every page, every book , every lane
That he took out of his sweetest pain,If thou hath kept me in thy bosom wrapped
If for thou the waves come with joy so lapped
Is it not that happiness all should find
That fills mortal soul with the immortal kind.(*note: the title and the quoted lines are of W. B.Yeats)

Zenobia's last look upon Palmyra*

There She stood after the defeat
Having a last look at Palmyra,
The day had  come to wear
Hues swarthy and cries of Hurrah
From men who did not even know her, She looked bound and so chained
Captive after so many years of her reign,
Not faraway from where she stood
There out of the thickest wood
Came flying to her the wise owl
She knew by then all of hers were sold,
Ripped apart by men who knew not
To what plunder they Palmyra brought, Her eyes dark beyond the usual wont
Looked at the owl and dethroned
Zenobia by Aurelian so knew
The night had come for her to view
Her favoured place, her vast land
Where She once did her dreams plant, Not faraway from where She stood
The owl sat there on a pedestal and did  brood
Upon the fate of her favourite Syria
How She cast her last look upon Palmyra, She knew it would be her last look
For the next day would they her own,
Like they without any remorse possessed
All that were hers, her people, her son, She knew it was perhaps for one time l…

If I a sailor be

If I a sailor be I would go to Sicily
And explore there newer shores
There heard I thou hath left thy steps
On pasture green thy last address,
I would there go and at that shore
Would leave my boat, only to find more
How thou hath by kindness thine
Left treasure, lighted domes and golden mine,
There would I perhaps thee find
Like my deity of passion that binds
Me to thee, for ages before am I born
Before the days turned nights, and nights to morn,
I would go to find more of thy presence
Which always lay before me wonderous sense,
Like the way exotic trees and plants
Bear aroma of unexplored lands,
I would go to discover more of thy beauty
Which would in turn give rise in me
Flowering of heart filled with words
The most blessed ones, moving me towards
More of never ending praise,
For thee, right there would I pass my days.

That beauty of a world I dream oft

'When my arms wrap you round I press 
My heart upon the loveliness 
That has long faded from the world; 
The jewelled crowns that kings have hurled 
In shadowy pools, when armies fled; '*That beauty of a world I dream oft
Where nothing but from skies dew drop
Like blessings of the wintry sun
Thence to thee I with love turn,
And feel that cold sweeping breeze
Telling me to take a day's lease
And make it wonderous as it may
Give rise to more beauty of a day,
I take thy hands and behold
How from above fall the molten gold
On leaves of trees, petals of flowers soft
That beauty of a world I dream oft,
Where peace laden my tranquil heart resides,
With thee I go to the hills and river's side
There I find how resting my eyes upon thee
Gods have long ago made that treaty
To make man and woman to understand
We are all but little grains of time's sand,
And that sense whence come to me overwhelming
I sing for thee from morning till evening,
The armies I know would oneday flee…

Tell them about the dream ! *

' Tell them about the dream, Martin!'
Mahalia Jackson once for thou cried
And thou standing there with thy dream
Said how good it is always to be free
To fly like a bird out of oppression
How thou stood up to end slavery, Taking that bus from Montgomery
Thou took to road following the light
And how people sang for thee, merry,
For thou hath shone out of dark, bright, As bright perhaps shines the coal
Having the fuel in it all days of summer
Having diamond also in its soul
How thou hath broken chains at Alabama And gone beyond guns and carnage
And beyond Vietnam too,
Finding calm in meaningless rage
You!  having a dream of gold and blue.
(*Written  as a tribute to Martin Luther king Jr. on his birth anniversary )

It must have been an Ordinary Day *

It must have been an Ordinary Day
And you might just say
It is always good to get
The smell of coffee waking up late
We got no need to argue
We can always bury the hatchet
And sing songs true
To the faithful departed, It must have been an ordinary day
And you might just say
It is always good  to get the hair cut
Making it pixie kind, buzzed, smart,
We got no need to please us
We can always sing a song
And make it quite melodious
Just to make  our days wait for you long. ( * written by me as a tribute to Dolores O' Riordan of Cranberries. ' Ordinary Day' is her first single.)

I dreamt that I stood in a valley

I dreamt that I stood in a valley one night
The sky fell on my shoulders with her light
The stars and other celestial things
They glittered quiet , in my heart they did sing
Of life and its wonder as spread far and wide
I stood there complete, taken over by the sight
As if again am I made to feel and hear
How all things have place right there
In thy bosom, thy overwhelming beauty,
How under the canopy of sky  I saw thee,From far how came the songs of silence
Carried by ether, through the woods dense,
As if that song had been there all night and day
For us to hear it and be glad by that lay,I stood in the valley and I dreamt of thee
One morning filled with that same calm and glee
The sky then was filled with songs too
Mellifluous, touching me by its blue,
I spread my arms like a winged one
I dreamt of thee again that beautiful morn
And songs came to my mouth , my lips
They touched right there where thy beauty I keep,
And made me to just stand there quite amazed
I dreamt of thee in th…

Making love to thee

Making love to thee
Oft takes me out to galaxy, There I find how we float
Songs of communion
Coming out of our throat, Thou singing like a Venus
Rising out of the sea of sky
Glittering things on shoulders thy, And I like that warrior Mars
Filled with battle marks, scars,
All over me settled like old scores, And thou putting balm on them
By Love thine, herbs and oceanic elements, filling their bloody pores, Thou make me to sleep hap
Getting nector from thy lap
And we two just keep making love, Up in the sky, over and above
There we float on the bed
Of space and time forever laid.