Ode To Anthony*

You must have been
A son, of a River,
Like that River, which Peter
Once drew , Maranon,
You must have been
A River of a God,

How could have
You had drawn
With so much of care,
The Babe , not in the manger,
But amidst Nature,
(Like that Peruvian River
Perhaps flowing beside You,

You must have been
A son of a River,

Other wise,
Who could have drawn
Such awesome,
Maria and Her UNBORN,

With Catherine
Looking after
The Child, as He played
Lying, so beautiful,
And perhaps
A tree of Apple
Giving the trio,
A shelter,

You must have been
A Son of a River,
(Like that Peruvian One,
As Peter Paul once drew,
Declaring the entry
Of Ferdinand)

You must have followed
The Lord,

Who could have drawn
Such a Beauty and Bless
Such halo, such Kindness.

{*Note: upon a painting titled "Virgin and Child" by Anthony Van Dyck(Flemish Antwerp 1599-1641london).
#PeterPaul: Peter Paul Rubens, (Siegen1573-Antwerp1640),
Peter Paul Rubens drew the River God Maranon titled "Allegory of The River God", in Antwerp 1635, to commemorate the entry of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria.
#Maranon: is a Peruvian River, upto one point of time, which was in possession of Spain.}


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