A boat, me and the magic*

A boat, once i tried hard to perceive
A Boat, just, while slogging hard,
Whence rain came down too
Like Hymn , Cold cold rains,
Rains with fire, rains on my head
So subtle , so straight,

A boat, once I tried to emulate,
With the Ferryman, like a song,
Like a struggle to evolve, with the waves
Tides, gales, hurricanes, flood, tornadoes,
Like a Hymn , too, prayer kind
Rains on my Soul, raining down lips
Falling over, slipping by , skin,

A boat, i be came thus,
Perhaps like a paintbrush,
A painted , colored dream, Sweetest,
By the magic of Thy eyes,
By thy orangy, red, turquoise, bluish, pinkish, purple,
By thy motionlessness,
By thy transcendence,
By thy bless.

(*Note: upon a painting as attached,
Courtesy: Rissa Brahm.)


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