That road up the hill*

That road up the hill,
Once brought before us, Peace
And that tranquil feel,
Of finding flowers naturally on bloom,
Of monasteries with a lot of space, rooms,
For us to stand, sleep, wait, pray,
For us to make out the beauty of a day,

That road up the hill,
Once brought before us, Beauty,
And that serene feel,
Of finding incense bearing trees,
Of little joyous faces of carefree kids,
For us to play, sing, laugh with them,
For us to make out We All Are The Same.

(*Note: the photograph attached was clicked by me, while touring the hills, on a holiday, a vacation.
The place where the picture was taken was actually a Buddhist Monastery.
This particular poem, with fourteen lines, is an experiment done by me of the usual Sonnet sequence, with fourteen lines, having seven lines each , in each stanza.
Not Petrarchan or Shakespearean though.)


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