Whence isabel like thou doth turn up*

With the flowerpot,
By strings attached
To be put there
At the porch,
One spring summer morn,
Whence isabel like,
Mon amore,
You come out
Of the door,

And i standing quite near,
Just look at you,
Flower girl mine,
My love , my life,
My writes, my Beau,

I just look how
Simply by your presence,
Spring comes to me
With a buzzing sense,

Your hair tied to a bun,
Your Bosom kissed
By the morning sun,
How keeps me dazed,
With poesy of Love Thine,
So perpetually emblazed,

And with the flowers
How you come out,
To light up a day,
Where with Thy aroma,
I fall, like a leaf,
Taking thy fragrance ,
In the air, a whiff.

(*Note: the painting attached is received as a gift from a friend mine, upon which the poem/scribbling is based.

#isabel: a fictional character created by me, )


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