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The taper and the flame

Walking down the winding road
On a beautiful spring morn,
Just when I gathered
The smell of colored blossoms
I thought I met my woman...

My woman
Who brought the taper of light and love
To my mind, soul...
Her face was covered though
By a canopy of cloud,
Hitherto unforeseen in any spring morning;
But her youthful hue
Coupled with the passion of love,
Made me weak on my knees...

I stopped
Drooping perhaps
Always being thirsty of love...

She gave me all,you know
Even before I needed them,
As if she was destined to be mine...

She turned me man
From a wanderer kid,
She turned me old
From another youngish brat...

Spring turned to summer
And the summer to monsoon...
She was still there beside me-
Turning all stones to flowers,
All deserts into meadows...

And I fell
For her only...

But then,
On one autumn evening,
Under the red sky
I met a flame;

Methought my eyes got burnt,
My flesh goose-bumped,
For never a man witnessed
Such an opulence...

Methought I met a fire
That singed me with lus…

good morning

The moment I saw you out of my window,
I shrugged off all my future and the present...
I just raced back to the past...

So I jumped out of the drowsy bed,
Putting on trousers and shirt, in a terrible haste,
For you called me,
Sort of beckoned me by the morning smile of yours-
Spread across the blue blue sky,
Like balls of cotton of different hues...

I rushed to my bike and sped towards you...
The ten kilometres looked like two hundred miles
And I raced faster, thinking all the time that I might
Lose you by oversight...

The road was lonely
Only a few kids
Walked gaily to school,
With bright faces of the morning...

I rode for several minutes
Till I reached you;
You've changed your attire by then,
From the varied riot of colors, to
Blue and white;
But I know I love you in every dress...

Finally, I got down from my bike
And stood before you
Like I used to do
Even a few years ago...

You just smiled as if,
You always knew
I would come;

You just kissed my forehead
And played with my hai…