By the Road, beneath the Tree,*

By the road, beneath the Tree
Flowering, one morn, me did see
You and also me, my childhood,
Living, fascinated,joyous, free,

There as you stood underneath
The Tree breaking into redness
Like Love, which comes oft, blessed
As we did think of we, by Thine, so lit,

We went up the hills, passing by
Mills, villages, towns and parks,
We went up there to catch us alive,
Laughing, playing, giggling, all smiles,

That was, the ways to discover
How nature has always us covered
From all things that come our way, hearts or just the passage of a day,

That is the way to live, in motherly light
To be fully dipped, without thinking much what might come,
Without thinking what we may, in future be come,

By the road, beneath the Tree
Flowering us , me once did see,
Filled with love, and our life kissed
By morning's light which set us free.

(*Note: the photo attached was taken by me, while touring and traveling. )


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