Thou art such a Fine Girl *

You are such a fine Girl
Brandie, i wonder,
Seeing you sitting
On the Wooden plank, of a pier,
Reading as it seems a book
Which me once took,
To fill with my inked life
An ocean Mediterranean to take
A deep plunge, a joyous dive,

You are such a fine Girl,
Brandie, i wonder,
What a great maiden Thou Art,
Seeing you sitting
On the Wooden pier knitting
A story sure, in your mind,
Whilst reading a book
Which with dreams i once looked,
And turned it with my love a Sea,
Brandie, how i , you like a girl ,
Oft in painted canvas, really see.

(*Note: based loosely on a painting as attached, received as a Gift from a friend mine;
#Brandie: a name given to the girl in the painting, by me;

The title is inspired by a song of sailors and boatmen.)


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