Ode To Helena

Whence me finds Thou,
Standing on the hills,
Away from the empire spread
Vast to unknown charters
i think of Thou, how by Your Love
A devoted Heart, You made
A promise to Constantinus,
Not to be tamed, by falsities, penned
Against Thine, by non believers,
How You gave Your Heart, Arms and Soul
For People who had lost their food, their corns, their bowls,
How You stood erect to outshine,
All propagandists chasing mere dimes,
How by Your Holy Spirit doth declare
Human Must return to the Innocence Fair,
How without thinking of any reward,
Thou only , only Loved the Wooden shape
Which gave You all the Hope to plant trees on barren landscape,
How You even after being cursed and dictated,
Made Thy Self to Rise, for the salvation of Thy land, thy fate,

Seeing You,
Helena, The Most Beautiful,
The Merciful Most,
How i just take a seat,
Right at Your flowery feet,

How i by fortitude Thine
Become Yours,
Yours love,
The Divine.


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