Monday, May 23, 2011

The Artist

'So many people write letters full of love...why can't you?'
She told him one day,
Her voice had that thing which had crossed that thin red line of expectation and fervent wish...

He returned home and thought hard,
Pressed his pen's nib on the paper and tried to write something beautiful,
Something so fascinating that, he wished, it would just remove all her wishes,
Once and forever;

He tried hard,
To become that artist with a magic wand in his hand,
That would make the world colorful,blessed,tranquil, serene...

O how much he tried,
To be that bard...
To be that lyricist...
To be that musician...
To be that painter...
To be that sculptor...

He worked day in and day out,
To present before her the greatest work of art...
He erred,
He slipped,
He fell,
But he had that grit to carry on...

The summer went away and monsoon came,
And the rains went away, and Autumn ushered in,
And came the winter...

He carried on,
Like a perfect artist,
Forgetting one day why he was doing all that...
Forgetting the very purpose of his hard work...
Forgetting that he had been someone's man...

Thursday, May 19, 2011


He looked at her tearful eyes
And felt so sorry
That he wished to jump to her feet and ask for forgiveness...

'I never wanted to make you sad...did I?'
He pleaded;
But she just gave him her hard glare, teary eyes, fallen chin, broken heart...

'O Tell me how can I make you happy again?'
He asked, desperate, ruined, stung...

Her lips quivered and she spake:
'Get thou removed from my sight, forever'

He heard the words
And thought to leave her forever...

But how could he?
His feet were nailed there, firmly,
And he couldn't move an inch;

'Let that be your punishment, just!'
She spake
And moved away,
While he remained nailed with love.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

You've remained blind...

You remained blind,
As blind a deaf man can be in his dark world,
Devoid of senses...visual or auditory;

So you missed every bit of life-
The way the girl next door was raped by your henchmen,
The way the spooks counted money and filled their sacks,
The way falsities spread taking your name like oath sacred,
The way the sickle lost its shine, and the hammer its glory of toils;

You remained blind, deaf, and stupid,
And tried to build a world for yourself, away from the real,
Like an aged emperor, destined to rule forever;

Now that the winds of change have charged at your doors,
And swept away your all golden treasures and self love,
You appear so pitiless and naked,
Sans everything you thought would outlive the generations...

Monday, May 9, 2011

the bride of spring

You come dressed in red
Like a new bride, flamboyant, coy,dazzling,
Privy to all my secrets,
And I look at you, endlessly,
As if it will take me hundreds of years to understand your beauty so immense;

O you the bride of spring!
You come to stir my mind,
Your face covered by that red veil of blossoms rich,
Your slender body ageless,
Only makes me gape;

You're like the queen young,
Ascending the throne of nature,
Bringing forth all the ages of my whims, dilemmas...
Of love won and lost,
In Springs, autumns, winters...

O you! the bride of spring!
Bring once more,
The cool canopy of your shadows,
Save me from the heat of summer hurrying near...

In the name of Love *

In the name of Love, the passion which governs All things human and natural too I rise everyday to find how the glorious sun Brings beaut...