A Prayer to Venus *

Seeing Thou,
Venus, lying with ease,
Consummate, all by Thyself,
Oblivious,unfazed, unapologetic,
On the broad canvas such,
Eyes closed, meditative,
With greenery above and below,
Thine, finding in Thy own Self, the Divine,
You art, become , such a painting,
As old as early days of the sixteenth century,
Archived , preserved, that way,
O You, The Sleeping Venushas,
How my travels to You, thus pass,

You hath Holden true,
The picture of eternity and Peace,
In your lovely sleep, as if kept freezed,
Beyond the World of ours, mortals,
With nothing to hold to,
Other than lust and greed,

How Thou sleep off,
Fully ignorant of the gazers
Of Thy naked Truth,
Thy Innocence,

O GODDESS of my Worship,
Whence by thy grace
i can find Thee,
Dropping on my pages and leaves
Of useless scribbles and scribblings,
Keep me close,
O You The Mighty Heart,
Keep me asleep too,
In thy Womb of Poetry and Love,
Thy paintings of Peace, like a dove,

Keep me blessed, so,
I leave not my works behind,
My passion , not at all , at rest,
Now that i , like a child, feel thy Beauteous Innocence,
Right in my writes , as if blessed,

Keep me synced, energised,
In sleep, keep me ignited by thy light,
Thy Truth,
So that, i can keep worshiping,
You, only You,

Leaving no Titian,
As Giorgione had to,
To complete the rest
Of the painting,
The landscape, the skies,

O Venus,
By thy bless,
Keep me away
From roads and streets
Filled with cries of hardened humans,
Who have forgotten why
We are here, why,
So many people just uselessly die,

O Venus,
Keep me half awake,
So that i can, by thy bless, take,
Into my little heart,
Thy Beauty, Thy Grace.

(*Note: the picture attached is a painting, taken by me from the archival collection of Paintings classical. This particular painting Depicts GODDESS Venus, lying on a grassland, asleep, oblivious of the viewers' gaze . Italian Painter and artist of a kind, Giorgione undertook the work mammoth of painting The GODDESS Venus, known as" The Sleeping Venushas" in early sixteenth Century, but, he couldn't complete the painting.
His student, Titian, as it is learnt completed the canvas, by drawing the landscape and the hills, mounds, houses, sky, trees etc.
The greenery as symbolized by the Tree, underneath which the Goddess Venus is found to be sleeping, acts as a Protective Covering. The painting can be found in original, at Gemaldegalerie, Dresden.)


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