There whence Thou pose, poised so, *

Whence i find Thou,
Indian woman, symbolic
Epitome of Love, motherly, sisterly too,
Graceful, benign, soft,
A mere Model(?)
Shashikant Dhotre
Must not have toiled
Burning his day's eyes
And midnight oil
To recreate Thou,
Art, the Eternal,
Breaking all barriers
Of small times,
Little rooms,

Much like
The Urn that
A great poet,
Evoked and captured,
Calling that

O how, you,
Dhatre, the Artist
Recreate Divinity thus,

Who hath blessed Thou
And Thine pencils and brushes ,
To make such a poetic re~view
Of that Ode, so Keatsean,

Art, Thou canst never go wrong,
For all beauties become in You
The True, The Bliss, The Eternal,
The Defiance of small little things.

(*Note : the painting, which appears very very Real, is actually a great profiling work, on human figures, done by An Indian Master of Art and Painting, Shri/Mr. Shashikant Dhotre.

In "Ode on a Grecian Urn" , John Keats presented his idea of Truth, Beauty and Eternality of Art in a prolific poesy , if which we are all aware.
This poem/scribble corelates art and poesy and Beauty and Truth.)


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