What a sunshine, what a sky,

What a Sunshine
You bestow
On the plains of the city,
Still moving slow,
What a Sky
You like a cover spread
On my heart by hours of life so laid,
What a season festive
You hath painted
On roads by a forthcoming cause scented,
What a life
You so hath planted
In me like rays golden falling through , slanted...

And how my self i evoke
By Your musical sunny dope,
As Keatsean Autumn in my heart i feel as a sense
With drops of a rise to a morning of pure balmy dewy dense,
As like a season of a painting like one Juan Fortuny,
A billboard holds a cane basket of flowers, fruits shiny,
Sparkling cars and buses i watch how ply by gold washed,
How with woken up eyes i see the world with curiousity unabashed,
Feeling how like wonder, Life
In vaulted times sweetly elapse...


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