At thy door,cycling*

It must have been a beautiful afternoon,
Of Autumn turning everything leafy,
Fallen true, to the redness mixed with orange of the halo,
Of the Sun, going to sport a tee shirt such,
Of colors so magnanimous
That it must have come through
All the layers of atmosphere,
Just to You, Ruane,
And You being gifted with
Eyes and hands so colorful
That you go doing
Your works, O Manning!

How much hours have you spent,
To hold that lane, those houses,
That man, walking out,
To the street, must have been,
Thy neighbour,

And those flowery trees,
You surely made love with them,
With your palms, You must them have cared,
To let them bloom fullest,

How i, by Thy works,
Having been so bound,
Arrive at thy door,

That cycle
Comes how full,
Circular roads having ridden,
By thy works so bidden,

How I find Beauty,
Of that land,
That lane,

Of our lives,

(*Note: the picture attached was done with meticulous care and gifted hands, by a Painter and Artist, Ruane Manning, courtesy: Alex Artista, "Art without limits" series, Musica Pittura e Dintorni)


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