Through the Cloudy Scape, By Sheer Agape, (ii)*

Through the cloudy scape,
Thinking of Thou,
Loving you dearly,
Thinking of Thy Truth of BEAUTY
And Innocence never to be tarnished,

Sometimes i look up,

Sky, Yours,

So whitish blue, 

As if Mount Olympus, 

There Standing surrounded

By mist, never to be

Caught by mortal eyes mine,

(And painted true,

But not for  little,insufficient, me,

For Thy Vast, Thy Dew,)

And there, whence I think of Thou all,

The Eternal,

 i , like a child, whence search for Thou, 

Thou all, 

And see, how , through Agape,

I find You, 

Sitting at the Head of the table, 

On the left,

Having a Feast,

With Ares and Aphrodite

At the Centre,

Athena, Poseidon, Cronus too,

At the right,

All having a Feast,

And seeing Thou there

How i be hungry too,

For more of You,

Your light, 

O The Holy , 

The Bright.

(*Note : based on A Painting, done by Cornelis Van Poelenburgh, a seventeenth century Dutch Painter, who actually produced Two almost identical versions of paintings titled 

"The Feast of Olympians". Here in the Second Version , as taken by me from an archive, shows Dionysus, the God of Vines, at the Head of the table, on the left)


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