Saturday, January 29, 2011

waiting for the finale...

Forget all dear!
As the night turns to dawn,
Just hold me tight on your bosom,
To make me part of your misty morn;

I know you are tired,
Age seeping through your veins,
But just let me die young,
On your lovely embrace;

I know you are enraged,
Unable to forget the past,
But hold me tight dear once,
Till the short night lasts;

You might be feeling hateful,
Sleeping with an enemy like me,
Believe me, I never let you down,
Only a storm gripped the golden sea;

Time will have the final say,
Don't fret over things small,
Love remains undaunted,
Surviving the mighty Fall;

Still you can give me a kiss,
Or plant sleep into my eyes,
I wouldn't mind dying on your lap,
As the night rolls the dice;

A new dawn breaks the doom,
As my mind leaves me afloat,
On an empty cot, just you and me,
Like in marsh, a stuck-up country boat...

And somewhere the music will play,
'Last dance with Mary Jane'
And I will just lie happy,
Waiting for the dark to wane;

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bring 'em back!

They come out suddenly
Like rabbits of different colours,
Restless, unpredictable, random...
But as soon I set my eyes on them,
They run away...

I also run after them
Yelling all the time:
Don't leave me...see! I'm me!

But they don't listen;
They run to the holes
They run behind the thickest bush,
While I pant horribly
And finally resign to my lonely hut,
Breathless and flushed
And bruised on several places;

Those cuts and bruises
Will heal, I know,
But how can I bring my rabbits back?
How I miss those soft cotton balls
Playing on my lap
As I recline at the end of another useless day!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Rainwoman

'Have you forgotten all those days?'
She asked...
I looked at the, fluorescent,
Like a glowing wonder gadget in my hand,
Amidst darkness thick as the darkest cloud bearing loads of rain...
'Hello! are you listening?'
She asked
As if she was shaking me up from my slumber,
Her voice was choked;
'Will she cry?'
I thought, alarmed, somewhat,
And put the phone on my ear again...
'Yes...I'm all ears'
Said I, trying to bring myself back to the unreal real;
'I want an answer!'
She implored...
I knew what could her pleadings lead to-
Rain...loads of rain falling from the darkest cloud of the century...
Flooding me, her, the river ghat, the bridge, the tea stalls, the football grounds...
Rain with huge drops of water,
Would make the country deluged,
And make even the uneven,
And uneven, even...

Saturday, January 8, 2011


'You've remained the same...'
I remarked, after a long drawn silence,
That like a flowing river,
Kept the distance
Between two desperate shores...

She asked,
Dancing her eye lustrous brows,
And the long eyelashes,
Full of hidden humour,
At my candid observation;

I started to say something but
My voice trailed,
As I looked at her painted, glistening face,
So young and yet so old...

'Only what?'
She egged on,
The twinkle still in her eyes,
And the humour still playing hide-n-seek
On her slippery cheek...

I said,
Trying hard to sweep aside the rush of bygone memories,
Crowding every bit of my crumpled soul...

Then, she came closer,
Taking my soiled palm onto hers,
As if my palm was hers,
In the most effortless manner,
And murmured:
'You've been wonderful, all through, like a dream, only, I drifted away'
So saying, she stopped.

O How I wanted to steal a look at her face, her eyes,
'Were they brimming over? her lustrous eyes?'
I thought;
O How I longed to kiss her,
'Was she sad?'
I thought;

O How I wanted to keep her close,
To get the scent of the long forgotten memory,
Yet I lacked the courage,
Fearing another apocalypse!

'Why are you so coward?'
She asked with a strange fervour,
As if in a fit,
And shook my shoulders,
Trying to jar sense into something non sensical;
'Why can't you claim what is yours?'
Her voice pitched higher,
Like a shrill sob,
Stirring the silent stream
Flowing betwixt us...

And I felt dizzy
At the tumultuous energy of a rising whirlpool
Within me;
I thought
I would rather die,
In that whirlpool...
I thought
I would rather become
That rising whirlpool!

In the name of Love *

In the name of Love, the passion which governs All things human and natural too I rise everyday to find how the glorious sun Brings beaut...