All Be Cause of You

All Be Cause of You*

It's All Be Cause of You,
Lord, that i sing, I do,
A re~view, my works, my words,
My poesy, my flow,
Rivery me, to Thou , i offer,
O The Lord, my eternal Coffer,

It's all Be. cause of You,
Lord, am i alive, I survive,
Through the Dust and the Heat,
My roads untrodden, my poetic feet,
My ember, my flicker,
Rivery me, to Thou, i offer,
O The Lord, my eternal Coffer.

 (*Note: a Prayer, this poem is devoted to as my offering small to Lord Buddha, whose one sitting posture, as a small Gift, i , got, from a friend mine, who lives faraway in the hills, Shri/Mr. N.Bhutia.)


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