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The Musician and the Lyricist, of my soul,

Whence Thou think of plucking
A string of my heart, Love,
You turn me into your being,
And I become harp Thine,
Love beauteous mine,You sing through me,
You give rise of a wave
You take me up in arms yours
And help me cross the Sea,And i find myself asleep
In your sweet embrace
Done , encumbered, by thy grace,I see the Beauty of yours
Making me a Beauty of my Soul,
I find Love yours,
Making me your eyes,
Your final shores,I get attached to thy string
Whence by strumming
My string of Heart,
Thou Happiness of Beauty
To me always bring,
so unfailing!

Love Song for the River of Heart

If i perchance,
Find thou everywhere
Love mine,
By what name
Will Thou care
To call me?O River mine,
Thou hath kept me
In such a way blessed
By Your awesome Kindness
That I get dyed by your silver,
By your gold the same,In you dame, I lose my hurts
In you I come bathed, merged,
In you I see life taken away
So away from me, O my lovely river
Can't you still sit by my side,
And Love , just LOVE more , helpless me?If guided by Thou, immortal Soul,
i find myself embowered, in your folds,
By what name, pray, Thou will care
To call me, my songs of Thy lyre?

A song of us, for us

As perched two of Us, We
Come love, we sing the morn's glee,Now that we have settled onto Our souls
Filled to the brim our emptied love laden bowls,Come, love, we send our music to those
Who have not yet woken to our morrows,Come we send our love more and more
To make them wake up to our lovely lore,We wake them up with our songs of Heart
Come Love, we tell upon them our jovial hurts,Now that we have chosen to sit beside us,
And feel each other in our eyes opened thus,Come, Heart, we drench the World with Love,
With which we've woven our beauteous cove.

Twilight , by the shore,

As the twilight came after the day long mirth
We sat by the shores of our hearts,
Me and my Love,
We sat by the ocean, waves, as they came to us,
One following another, they came to touch us
Our feet, our ankles,
And the spring's colors made appearance
On our souls, as we sat looking at the waves,
Coming to us, As the twilight came filled with colors
Not far away from us,
The world moved by, And we thought , being so caressed by colors on the waves,
The World had become suddenly too benign, Or was it we were so drenched by Spring
That the World only for us kindness did bring?

Night to morn, loving U

As the birds are singing still
And as in me Your beats of heart
Can I so distinctly touch and feel,
As the rooster from my neighbour's farm
Can be heard calling us to wake up wholesome
As the roses and dahlias are blooming
And the new born's smile is singing
Turning our skies of Heart beautiful as ever
As the breeze blowing over the water
Making little ripples making me shiverOur World has remained a Beauty I guess,
Like every night when we plant our morn's dress.

Come , onto Me, LoVe ,

And then whence we were
About to slip under our soft linen cover
With dreams of Thee in our eyes,
As spread like stars glittering in our skies
We saw Thou how came with feathers
Wiping all our hurts with ink Thine
That Thou hath taught us to keep
In our books with blood and wine seeped
And You told me our story of Love
Graded by your Peace, your motherly love,
You told me to go deep, and to get submerged
Where You had taught me to feel the Upsurge
Within our Hearts so conjoined
With threads of our Love, by you
So inexhaustibly by Truth of Divinity joined.

Prayer to mother of Creation

As Thou hath left me Colored such
By Your awesome paints, airfilled brush,
As Thou hath given me seeded a birth
In Womb Thine, where I sleep, your child, with mirth,
Keep me blessed by your kisses from Heart,
Keep me nourished by fluid Thine
Which carries nutrients from watery shine
Of the sun rising out of vast huge seas
Of the sun dipping draped by Your dreams unleashedKeep me in your belly, Heart,
Keep me in Your Path so merged
That even if i tremble or tend to Fall
You catch midway by Your State, so Tall
And Love me more like a mother does
To Her son who has resided in her womb thus.

WIll i be Born, In Your Womb of Love

Love, Will i be Born
Again in Your Womb of Morn
Again and again
Till all your pains
You release onto me,
Sweet Heart of my Sea
Of Potent Love,
So full of Blood
From Your
Unborn Hope
Of strings, A ChordLove, Will I come
To Your Peace Of hurts
And Supranormal Calm
I will, I will every time
You kiss, till your heart
Forget to me miss,love, have I not made with You
Such, such an e~thereal Promise,I will , will be
Your Prometheus,
Your seeking
Your refuge,
Your Ruth
Your me,Love ,
Will I come back
Again and again
Never to make you
Lose , our repeated songs
So Offtrack!Love,
I will , by Will be Thine,
And will bathe
Together WE
In the Un~forgettable
The Divine.

Love, Thou art wine,

LOVE, Thou Art Red
Red wine so
You drip
From Your
For me,And how
How I carry
The scent
Of WineThe Redness of Mighty Heart
You are a glass
Of my Open
Open wide skyA sky of twilight
Turning red
And orangy

Where not have i found you?

Where not have I found thee?
From my waking and going
To our garden of birth,
From our rising to the ethereal rise,
From our evenings singing melodious
A tune of our selves being drenched to the core,
To our nights when we came swimming seven seas, ashore,From our million births and few million more
Deaths that came to us with Love,
Where not have you found me, love?Remember the battles we won and lost?
Remember our settling down like doves
On branches of our cherry Tree so filled with Love?Love, where not i have found thee.

Even if i go ...return will i make

Even if I go,
Away, away from thy shore,
Love, return I do make
Only only for thy sake,
For in eyes Thine
Have not i found wine
That flows forever from the Ocean
Of our Love so, So divine?Even if i go
Away, away from eyes Thine,
Love, I will always return to thee
For in you i have slept
Like that innocent sky and that sea
Which hath remained
Even before we embraced Us
Even before we each other doth see.

Match is, Life

A Big Match
And you
Only match it
With Thy Soul,For
Sans Soul
You Canst never Match
The U n IThe Verse
IsAn inverse eight.

Dotted till ... We are here...

Love, can't you see,
Child mine,
How have I brought
Flowers from heaven
Only for Us
Two to make it even,
Can't you, You, see,
O the heart sweet of Me
How hath Thou made me travel
From a dot to Eternity?

Paradiso , not lost

And suddenly,
She started singing,
Much like those shots shown in Hindi films
Of yesteryears,
'O my adorable darling...'He thought,
Was it evening?
Was it morning?But his darling
Was not paying any heed
To his dumbfounded state,
She just pulled him
From his dream
And took him behind that tree,That tree,
Apple tree,And
They became
Eve,They were like children then;Paradise was not then lost.

Love, a sanctuary of Heart

In thy sanctuary of Heart
How many times hath Thou me born
Like a sweet, infinite morn,I dazzle, I glimmer,
In thy Hopes i simmer,
And whence the buds bloom
I find there Thy omniscient room.

Don't blame me, Love,

Don't you blame me Love,
For the more i find You,
The more i become a dove,
And quieter be comes the eve,
The nights, the morns,
For in You i find my PeaceAnd that succulent tranquil heart
Sees nothing but you, my hurts,
That You hath put into me
With Your blessedness so care fully,At my opened door you I see,
Standing there in your winged shape,
your brown hair around your nape,
So keenly telling upon me,
Our never ending love story.


'Kyuin ki
Ishq ek junoon hain...'(Because
LOVE is a Passion...)She said,
Putting her hands
On his,
Her hands
Had the softness of a moon
And his the glow of a sun,And they
Felt life
How passed through their pulsesThey felt hearts of one
In the other,And after that
They embraced their mornWhich they in their
Palms made to be born,They felt the world
They felt
Grace kissing their heads,They slept,
Floating like
Two angels
Painted on the sky.

I've got a home

I've got a home, I guess
Where you by your inner light trace
Your own very own, happiness,I've built a home, true,
In your yellow, in your blue,
Where poems and prose gather like dew,I've made a home, mate,
In your unhindered self, straight,
Where you keep dreams of awakening, late,I've made a home, heart,
In your passages of pains and hurts,
Where you try to meet us, a few years of light apart.


Let's then we
Come to be,You anode
Cathode meAnd electricityWould flow through usTo one direction onlyTo meet our

Not picking, by frost bitten

One day , Love,
We will surely stand under the Tree
Which we had planted out of our magnanimity,We would look at that fruits,
But would never pluck them,In their stead we would live amazed
Spoilt by the frutification of our choice,Apple picking we had not learnt,
For by Frost, we had dipped our fingers,Our blood had got the bites of ice,
And we will surely live it through, thrice,Standing right under the Tree, me a wit,
And Your kindness by rhyme unleashed.

A window, a dusk,

Looking out of the window
When I see the strings and stripes and ribbons
Of red, gold, blue, spread out on the canvas
Of dusk,I think that's where Thou hath left me
To be sunk into thy kindness,There I find my all rumblings
Gathered like floats of cottony clouds,Don't know whether they have gone there
And fell as rains upon your roof,But to me, they are part of my Love
For you.

Got all the time to sleep

I would be then
The sleeping child of you
For I got all the time to sleep now
That You hath awakened
In me,
And you,Plant Love
Your kiss on my forehead
And let me keep empowered,For there are more awakenings
For us to embraceBefore we sleep
TogetherWith love in our eyes.


As You hath cared to set me free
In wings of Your transparent poesy,
Make me sing for You
My gratitude once more,
Once more let me sit
At Your pious Feet,And make me find rhymes
There not iambic, not pentameter,
But something that is even beyond that,
Something that could turn me a flower
At your , Your feet forever lowered.

An ode to Butterfly

Like a butterfly,
Whence You come to take your seat
Upon my petals trembling in the
Candid evening's breeze,
I send through your colorful wings
Messages of uncompromising, potent
And powerful fire,
Knowing You would make the World
Knowing you You become
The Soul of buds
Only to make them bloom
In every spring,
With no lust
In them
But only the Love
To beautify
The Uni-verse
Even more.


I will leave
And pains
Will I embrace
For that will unlock all my
Love,Like the Sun rises,
Loving us,
Every day.

Whence we embraced the night of love

She drew attention mine,
To the sky of the night,'Isn't it beautiful?'
She asked me,.I looked at her face,Then the sky,Then those glow worms
Which came
And sat upon
Our heads,After that
We embraced
The night.

Come Love, to rest,

Come to me Love,
More with Your ethereal splendour
Blinding me to death,Come Love
More with Your songs of Life,
Enlivening me to acceptWhatever takes place
At every moment of this
so mortal life,
With your eyes
Upon mine
At rest.

By Beauty thine,

If Thou art that courage
That hath risen deep into my heart
By Thine bless,
Keep that bless not momentous
Keep me still
So that i could find the Beauty
Of Peace put at rest
Onto my soul,
For everLike an ocean
Like a cliffLike a birth
And a death.

When the evening closes in

As the evening closes in
With scent of marigold round my neck
I yield, I surrender, to my Love,
As she downs her feathers too
Upon my weary day,Till I breathe, my last,
It would continue, I whisper,
As she looks at me, with her eyes
Her happiness often killing me thus
As my weary day comes to pass
And the evening closes in.

If you can, friend, stand by the shoulder

If you can, friend,
Stand by the shoulder
And smile at the beauty of Heaven,
That we try to create,
Through absence of violence,
Through peace,
And forgiveness,Stand erect,
Stand as a human,Forgetting your race, creed, religion,
Doctrines,Stand by the shoulder
And not heave a sighStand there just
Where we stand
You and i,If not,
It would never be your fault,.
The fault would be mine.

Every time, loving life,

Every time I love this life,
This very transient one,
And if you ask me why?I would just say,
Every time I find people dying,
every time I find death close at heels,
And the more I place my hands on a coffin
Or on the soil where friends and compatriots left their last roses
Beautifully engraved upon their hearts,smiling ,There more i come back to live,
I come back to Love,
I come back to autumns, winters, and springs and rains,
I come back to make a beautiful world
For only in the face of Beauty, Truth resides
With all its happiness of Peace.

You and I ~ Love

Have I ever made you,
To rise to our morns?
Saying morrows come
And as come the dawns?Have I ever told you
How You come to me
In pains of Love, the most,
With Your utmost glory?Have i ever told you
In You i take the sky
As takes an atom
In the molecule of you n i?

A conversation with a Julius

Many years after his Death
I found a Julius,He said
Republicans killed him,
But he asked me,
Where are you actually?I said
I have become light
I can't carry burdens,He saidAll right

The scent of gulal

Ronza had gone to attend the birthday party. It was a day of spring. Scent of gulal was there in the air.
Scent of nascent dreams that she had escaped from comes back to her with full throttle. She tries to escape. Like the way she tries to escape her own shadows that are created by the movement of the sun above her head. She knows the spring would be coming to her. She knows all the trees in front of their house would break into blossoms. She knows the birds will start singing .
'I am not a bard...I am just human...'
Ronza would try to console herself and by doing so she would try to limit her sky.
She would try not to face her dreams.
So, when spring will come, she will immerse herself more and more into works. She will keep herself busy.The college has been kept close for some activities.
A conference is taking place there,on poetry.
Ronza having no interest in poetry, has decided to skip the session.But this stupid season of spring and that stupid boy.
Few years…

For Noirita

See Noirita,
Once again I have stopped by that field,
Our fields of love and forgiveness,
See the sky, Noirita,
It has turned the color you wanted it to be,
See,How our Love had made our roots,
Once again
I hath cared to stop by thee.

The Gandharaj tree, *

Surabhi upon going out, felt the drizzles on her face.
She remembered how once much like today, a morning, catching a cab, she felt drizzles like that upon her face.
The cabbie then told her,
'Khidki uthayiey madam...'
( pull the window up...)
Surabhi remembered how she asked then the cabbie to take her to that place where
the gandharaj tree had broken into white blossoms. She remembered the aroma of life then.
She remembered how her love once found a mother there.
She could see every bit of that tree,
The Gandharaj
With its white blossomsAnd how then winter came down upon her, and how the gandharaj came and told her what life is all about.
What God is.
What Love is.Surabhi remembered all that.'Aap ek kam ki jiye...'(do one thing...)
Surabhi told the cabbie this time.'Take me to that bridge near the port...''Ji...'
The cabbie replied.
The drizzle was coming through the window.
Surabhi pulled it half way.
She wanted the drizzle to numb her.'That tre…

The wheel

Ananya has slept the day, today.
A day for her sleep has arrived so much with peace that while she came home from work, she thought nothing could be more beautiful than a sleep.
And she slept.
After many years she slept encumbered into the songs of Love, that could make oleanders sanguine, that could make her a poem by herself. And while sleeping, quite curious enough she could hear everything that were supposedly happening around her world.
Her wish to go to the hills to learn flute. Her wish to find Artemis somewhere as the protector of the Ecology. Her wish to find her daughter learning the music  of August, whence freedom came without being tampered with malice. Her wish to find her husband taking a day off and playing that song on their old Italian piano- that particular song which once moved even the mountains to weep in silence, after they hath realised how the song permeated their rocks and grew little algae right into their hearts. Ananya had the day of a sleep.
A sleep only …

The Mother (of a country)

There's no end of works for Soudamini. Be in winter, summer or monsoon. She would have to wake up as early as four thirty or five, then would have to go to the shed first. Then she would give grains and straws to her flock of hens, goats.
After that she would start sweeping the yard with broom.
If it is winter or summer her works remain simple, just to broom.
If it is monsoon, there is no need to sweep though.
After that she would have to go wake up her sons  and daughters.
They would try to wriggle on the cot.
But Soudamini would never stop from waking them up.
Her husband, Haran, would go to the fields, waking up even before her. His mind was always with his fields and cows.
If he could, he would go and sleep in the paddy field which he owned.
He loved his one acre land of paddy field the most. The mahajans, the zaminders, and now the merchants- they all tried to snatch that land from him. But they could not do that from Haran's father.
They could not take that from him …

Padmaja's hurt

'Ei, ei, shon...'
Padmaja was trying to call her grandson Gablu.
Her joys of life. The bubbly spirited one.
Always running around.
And then she heard a sound.
The way a football bounces and hits something.
Then something falling onto the floor and breaking.'Ei re...'(now you see...)
Padmaja tried to go to the spot.
Her hipbone aches nowadays if she tries to move fast.
Still she tried to walk up to the spot.Gablu's mother Sruti rushed out of her kitchen where she was trying to arrange the utensils which the maid had left spread.
'O this Malati di, how many times have I told her to keep things tidy...but who listens...'
Saying all these she rushed out.
Office time.
Sruti's husband would go out soon.
Now Gablu.
'Must've kicked that football into the tea table...'
Rushing out, she saw Gablu standing there.
Sruti couldn't hold back her angst.
'Khali dhustumi?'(always running and playing?)
She gave a ha…

Mohini's Murat

Mohini goes to her garden, just at the front of her house.
A small garden.
Her Paradise.
Her ways to be in her heaven, far away from the madding crowd.
Specially in the morning, when the town has not woken.Those saplings.
They keep her awake all day and all night.
And when going to the garden, she tends their leaves, waters them, and admires the beauty of those blossoms and buds, she finds her moment of bliss.Her Murat stands there just by her side, often smiling at her ways of nurturing her garden of peace and beauty.
Mohini finds her living there.
Right there at the hearts of those trees, saplings, their lives.She finds her Murat too.
She finds her Murat in her.

Ranjana's waking up

Ranjana soon after opening the window of their bedroom of their two bhk flat, found drops of dew on the sil.
Those drops were glistening like drops of pearls, with the beams of the woken morn.
A day of her town.
A sleepy muffasil town, with its sweetness of love and sacrosanct morning. Not so far away she found the blooming trees.
A morning of spring.
She looked at her hubby.
Still sleeping.
Her daughter.
She was asleep too.
She pulled the curtain aside.
The morn came with light falling on the floor of their bedroom.'Wake up you...surjimama dichchey hama ranga jama gaye oi...(the sun uncle is crawling, see, with a colorful shirt on him...)'
She sang whispering  into her daughter's ears.
Little Labonya turned back her head and wrapped her dad.
'Ar ektu ghumoi...'(let me sleep a bit more...)
She said sleepily.
She kissed on Labonya's forehead.
In her half asleep state, little Labonya smiled.After freshening up she stood at the balcony with her cup of tea.Every m…

Shilpi's starry starry night

Shilpi was trying of think of something to draw and paint. It was another day of her painted life. She had been doing painting since her child hood. After she got shifted to this town, living in a girls' hostel, for studies, she had kept alive her pastime of painting.
After the classes, when she walks back to the hostel, from the university, with theories of philosophy clogging her brain, she tries to refresh herself by looking around her.
Those trees which lined the avenue till she would reach the gate of her hostel would then appear to her as beautiful companions. When the breeze would blow stirring the leaves of those trees, she would think they were talking the meaning of life within themselves.
And the sky.
It always stays there over her mind and soul.
'Ki ato anmona hoye bhabish bol to?'(what do think being so absentminded?)
Her friend Camelia would ask her.
Camelia had always remained clung to Shilpi since they had become roommates.
In Shilpi she finds her alterego…

A granny's day of spring,

Ashalata was trying to do her thread work on a cotton cloth.
Nowadays, she couldn't even see well.
Age was slowly taking its toll upon her eyes. Her hands also shake a bit. Still, around this time, she would sit with her needle, colorful threads, and cotton cloths. For every year, all the way from the country of opulence her grandson from her son's side  would come.
She had other grandsons and granddaughters from her daughters' side, but she had always kept a very secret adoration or love for the son of her only son.
He bore the title of the family, according to the custom and more importantly inspite of being very much habituated to western culture and ethos, he had still kept a very Bengali heart.
In fact, Ashalata noticed, that Snehangshu, her son Santosh's only son, was more interested in anything Bengali, be it food, songs, or literature.
So, she would make every year a special embroidery upon a simple piece of cotton cloth.
And Snehangshu would take it, and with …

Quite the opposite, *

Not many years ago, there some where lived a king.
The king had a kingdom as usual. But that kingdom was not owned by his family.
It was a curious kind of kingship that that piece of land followed.
Kings were chosen by some people who were chosen again by the citizens of that piece of land.Now the present king before being chosen had the purity of heart.
He being a descendant of a very poor family had all those memories of hardship and sufferings.
Memories which were strong.
Memories which made him a noble man.
Those people who had chosen him had thought of putting him into the chair of the king.
A king's chair?
Well, as thrones are usually found in real kingdoms with real kings and queens, here in this particular piece of land chairs were given to the king.
Soon after taking on the chair, the king had all the noble thoughts.
He promised the people the cleanliness.
He promised that there would be no such thing as unnecessary burden upon people.But due to some lack of foresight and…

A song of dolphin

With final exams being over, Gary meaning Gourik and Titli were getting bored at home.
So, this Sunday when Kamal asked the two to go for a drive to Diamond Harbour, they both instantly got ready, though they were pretty amazed, as it was only six forty in the morning.
Sulekha however only said 'why take them?'
'They need to see that for themselves...'
Kamal said, as he started talking with his boss over phone.
'Can you go with us too?'
Titli asked.
Sulekha looked at Kamal.
'No...I will have to make arrangements for lunch here...besides got too much of laundry pending...'
Saying this she started putting things into a small folio bag for Kamal.
A torch, some medicines, water bottles, knife, phone charger, etc.
'But for how long? Dupurey ki baritey khabey na?'(will not have lunch at home?)
Sulekha asked, knowing Kamal must be going out for some work.
'Not for more than six hours...'
Kamal replied.
It was only seven in the morning when they…

Aniruddha, Sree and a rock climb

'So Aniruddha,are you tired of the climb, mon amour?'
Sree asked.
Sree being what she is.
Always full of energy to climb new frontiers. Right now they are in the middle of a climb. They had chosen a small hill this time.
Ropes were as usual tied to their harness.
Aniruddha was breathing fast. Sree knows her love. Knows him more than anyone else could know Aniruddha.
Her mon amour.
She thought Aniruddha might suffer from asphyxiation. She hanging from the rope slowly lowered herself.
'Take a deep breath, take in all the air you can, slowly, then release the same...relax...don't stiffen your muscles...'
Sree was constantly saying these.
Aniruddha, did the same.
He knew only upon Sree he could trust.
His childhood love.
His only trust in this difficult terrain.Like that rope with which he was hanging.
And like that cliff.
Sree smiled.
Seeing Aniruddha getting less tensed.
The sun was on their back, few beads of sweat getting accumulated on their necks, hands, torsos.


My Love is a walk down my town,
My love is singing your love night to morn,
And to find you in my eyes
As you find me flying in the sky