With the glass jar of blooming roses*

With the glass jar of Roses on bloom,
Like all my poems written for You,
Whence you take them and the jar glass round,
In thy arms, on your lap, so by hands Thine bound,
Love, how i get more of your bless,
As on a painted scene you my love do trace,

I see you , pray, why so by LOVE deep,
I see you, pray, why so by kindness seeped,

Tell me, la amore, my morning of a sun lit day,
Why is it so tranquil, serene feel,
Whence you take roses and keep them
In Thy arms so lovingly, like all of my poems.

(*Note: the painting attached is part of a series of Paintings , done by V.Volegov, upon which this poem is loosely based.
The painting is gifted to me, by a bud mine.)


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