For You, Love Mine *

As Thou hath sent me
Greetings from thy Lotus pond,
And as a mere boatman is me,

How Canst i not sing
For Thee, La amore,
My poesy, my writes,
My dying colored self,
My calm, my light,
Lighted feathery bright,

How Canst i not sing for Thee,
You who hath , by thy kindness
Bestowed upon me,
Thy depth, thy pleasure, thy inkpot,
Thy never ending love
Which gradually envelopes me,

O how i , into thy love true,
Sink , e~merge,
How into your stilled waters
How i  find my birth,

Those leaves, those Lotus,

Ain't they decorate us,
Aint they tell upon
The song Divine of Love
So, devotional, eternal,

So come, diva mine,
With your pool of waters,
Thy womb Uni~versal
How i wish to get back,

How to thy belly of Heart
Galactic, me finds truest me,

And you too,
La amore ,

Where ,
Mon amore,
You me
To fortitude and
Calm bring,
So softly,
Like those petals of

As Thou send me
For us,

Our Peace

(*Note: the picture attached is A Gift Of Love)


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