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Tiasha , me and poetry

Can an evening be
A thing of beauty?'
Tiasha asked me,The lake before us
Caught all the hues that passed
On its  water, a picture of dusk,I looked at the scene
Calm, still and serene,
And wondered what it did bring, 'Surely it can', ventured I
As a possible reply,
Looking at the colorful sky,Tiasha looked at me
Her eyes speaking quietly
Her love , her unsung poetry, 'What did the evening
To us really bring?'
She asked, almost singing, 'Love', I thought I should've said
'That really the evening made,
That really sky before us laid, '
But then I those words left
Unuttered, not expressed,
I just in my heart them kept,Tiasha being what she always had been
Perhaps gathered traces of them from the scene
And my hands to her face she doth bringAnd then she kissed on them gently and soft
Like an angel perhaps, straight from heaven dropped,
Making me unburdened, as if held aloft,I felt I had become a bird then
A creature winged, devoid of pains,
Ready t…

Love, let's be selfish

There can be a lot of wars around
Cries and sobs and tears
Somewhere in Syria there might be heavy deafening shots
Of bullets, bombs , shells,
In another part of the globe
There might be riots
People might take swords in hands
And get engaged into carnage unholy, Still
Leaving all of them aside
Like two selfish beings
We can always cycle down to that field
Where the sun shines soft
Caressing the grass and the trees,
There, love, we can always hug each other
Forgetting everything,
Like two very selfish beings,
There you can always hold me tight,
In my ears you can always drop words sweet,
And I can always hold your lips
Onto mine,
Savouring the moments,
There , love we can be selfish
Till the world will learn to be selfless,
Till our love teaches the world
The essence of tranquility.